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Highly recommended baby development stages to capture.

Maternity - Every pregnancy is a miraculous stage in a woman's life. So important to capture, not just for you, but for the child you are carrying! All stretch marks, unwanted bumps, cellulite, acne etc can be removed if you prefer, leaving you with a glowing memory of your amazing body growing a human being.

Birth - Special, amazing moments. Very private which I respect and stay in the shadows. Anything you like can be captured. The whole labour or just the first moments of your baby's life and your emotions. Allowing your partner to concentrate on you instead of taking pics, and being in the photos as well.

Newborn - 5-12 days is the best time to capture the squishy faces, those adorable body wrinkles, first baby hair, little feet and hands. They are usually still happy to curl up at that stage, like they were in the womb, and sleep deeper allowing us to position them.

The little ones - 3-12 weeks, if for some reason you missed out on those special newborn photos, we could still capture your little one. Poses are more natural for this stage, we get more open eyes photos, with their funny expressions and first smiles.

Baby - 5-8 months is the most adorable time to photograph, as they are usually very happy, starting to sit up, full of smiles and excitement. Their personalities are coming out and are amazing to capture.

Cake smash at 1 year. First steps, first birthday, first cake. We usually do those outdoors. Can incorporate a family shoot in the session and finish up with the cake smash.

There is also a timeline option, capturing one photo a month to follow your baby's growth.

Starting from pregnancy or newborn.

Feel free to contact us to discuss a package that involves as many of the stages as you wish.
Kelly & Alexa