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Alexa: My life and passion - Photography.

A bit about myself and where I came from...

I pretty much grew up in the dark room, which was our bathroom, blocked up by my dad as he was a full time photographer, developing his own work from home. Till now seeing a B&W image on the computer I can still smell the prints I used to jump over as a kid, since they were almost always drying out all over our floor. I used to help sorting out albums for him and doing other small jobs a kid can do in a family business.

From the age of 12 I followed him and helped out in photo and video jobs, mostly Weddings and teenager shoots (age of passage) oriented. Later on I was doing some wedding jobs myself, still shooting on film at the time.

After finishing high school I tried myself in various other fields - counseling, naturopathy, graphic design, remedial massage, Reiki and even modelling, before returning to my calling and picking up the camera again, at the age of 24, this time the digital SLRs.

With the connections I had from my modeling, I quickly started selling content to a number of large Australian magazines, and later on working for larger companies like IBM Australia.

I combine all the skills I learned in to my shoots, making my subjects feel as comfortable as possible, and using my vast knowledge on light, and angles to create the most flattering results that the client is always happy with.

I always put 100% in to my work as I really enjoy what I do. Very lucky to have my hobby as my job.

I love capturing the beautiful moments that otherwise could have been forgotten. Always try to show the love between parents and their beautiful babies and their siblings or couples to each other. Doing my very best to keep things natural and not overly posed.

I've been born an artist, have been drawing, painting and writing books since a very early age. Everything creative always attracted me.

I'm also in to spirituality, natural healing and energy works.

Since the birth of my baby boy Jean-Andrew on 16th Dec 2008, in an amazing water birth in Sydney, I've started photographing Births and many newborns, as those are the most special moment in life. Nothing more amazing than seeing a little person entering this world.

When I hold the camera I feel complete. Taking photos is as natural as breathing to me these days. When I shoot I take a very easy going approach, which hopefully puts everyone else at ease, as photo shoots should be fun and not a stressful event. I create beautiful images that will tell your story. Images that will bring you joy and warm memories years after they were created.

Hope you've enjoyed the images on this site, and decided on whether my style is what you were after for your precious family.

My personal likes: I love my little family more than life itself. Jean-Andrew inspires me to be a better person. My husband Kelly makes me for who I am. I love sunsets, and staying up late at night. Really appreciate mountain air and country quiet as I've always lived in busy cities, usually in high-rises. I totally adore animals, and enjoy photographing pets. My favourite colours are black and purple. I enjoyed traveling, but now happy to settle down in Australia. I understand 4 languages, but only speak 2.5 nowadays. We are in to organic food and healthy lifestyle. We do juice fasts a few times a year. Love the gym and the beach but don't get there as often as I should be...
My pet hates - number one is smoking, especially people who smoke near children. I'm not a fan of the cold. Although I love the snow and skiing... fireplaces and hot chocolates are pretty awesome too... Just feeling cold I don't like. Don't like and try to avoid GMO foods, polluted cities, any type of violence or bullies.

So this is me in a nutshell. 

Looking forward to meeting you and your family soon!
Love and Light,




I am still a country boy at heart even though I have spent at least half my life living in Sydney. I spent my early youth living in a spall country town of Genfell, South West NSW. At 12 our family moved to North West NSW to live on a multi faceted farm near the village of Come-By-Chance (yes it exists, postcode 2832) and did my 6 years of high school at Walgett, 3 of which was living in a hostel across the road.

Graduated from the esteemed Sydney College of the Arts (now part of the University of Sydney/NSW) with a Bachelor of Visual Arts specilising in photography in 1988. I joined Australia's leading supplier of professional photographic equipment in 1988 which enabled me expand my technical skills even further. He has been shooting digital since the early 1990s when a 4MP back & camera cost $50,000 and it had to be connected to a computer.
He has attended overseas workshops held by Sinar AG, Leaf and Broncolor Elektronik AG as well as helping international photographers Sarah Silver and Urs Rechter. He has also provided technical knowledge to ACP Publications, Pacific Magazines, Federal Publishing as well as Canberra Institute of Technology, Queenslad College of Arts, Raffles KVB, Australian Centre of Photography.

With the birth of our son I left the corporate world of professionsl photographer supplies to become a home father and assist Alexa with photoshoots using my knowledge as well as another photographers eye to the essions. I became the handler of newborns (after having years of experience with our sone whom slept on me for the better part of 3 months from birth) as well as entertainer of babies, toddlers and children (and sometiem parents as well). I now share the photography sessions with us often swapping roles depending on what works best for the session at hand.