Love and Light Family Photography

Newborn Photo Session Information

Q. Why is it so important to photograph a newborn so early in their life?
A. The best age to photograph Newborns is between 3 and 12 days. New babies change every day and we want to capture that sweet newborn look before it so quickly fades away. Also, younger infants tend to sleep better while being positioned and re-positioned - and we want them to sleep as much as possible. Also before they get the colic pains at around 5 to 6 week mark and before they get their baby acne.

Q. Can I bring items to be photographed with my newborn?
A. Yes I encourage all clients to bring items that are special to them.

Q. How many props do you use in a session?
A. Generally a session will consist of 2 to 3 setups plus a set on the background in the nudie. Each setup can be either a tub, nest, bowl with material. Bub is wrapped so at this stage the nappy can be left on. We do a variety of poses and headbands/hats in each setup. This is the ideal session with a sleepy and cooperative baby, however every bub is different and we are always led by them, with safety being our number one priority. It is helpful if you have had a look through our gallery and advised us before the shoot the props, fabrics and poses that you like so we can have them prepared for your shoot.

Important information please read before shoot.

* Please dress light - I keep the studio nice and warm to accommodate the baby - as he or she will spend the majority of the time in their birthday suit. However if you feel hot please bring it to my attention and I’ll turn on some cooling.

* Please make sure you bring plenty of milk if you are bottle feeding. Bubs always feed more during a shoot as it is hard work modeling, plus there is a degree of feed sothing as we change sets or positions.

* If you have a pacifier/dummy please bring it. Even though they may not usually take one at home chances are they will during the shoot. It is often helpful having one to settle them after being place or moved from one prop to another if they are not is a deep sleep.

* Please be on time. If you come early I’ll probably still be shooting the previous client or reseting the space. If you run late, our time might be reduced and the session rushed. If you are running slightly late please let me know.

* Since I work with a lot of babies and children, please don’t bring anyone who is sick or might be infected, even a common cold if caught by a newborn might be very dangerous.

* Make sure not to dress your newborn in anything that goes over their head to be removed (singlets) as they always unnerve or wake up the baby. Dress them up in layers / blankets / towels/jumpsuits. As long as those items can be removed easily.

* No smoking in studio or outdoors during the shoot.

* If you wish for studio lights not to be used, please advise before the shoot date.

* Have a look at our newborn Gallery and make a note of which props, materials you like. We have quite a range and generally only use 2 or 3 per session plus the nudies on the "beanbag". We won't rush the placement and positioning as we want to make sure your precious baby is not only comfortable but safe, which takes time.